* See how to install and invite Kipwise to Slack channels if you have not done so 

A. How to share an image & add annotations

1. A teammate uploads an image or shared the link of an image in a channel that Kipwise is invited into 

2. Kipwise will turn it into a collaborative version. Click on "Annotate it now" to add annotations. Your teammates can still download the original image by clicking "Download".

3. You can point to a specific part of the image to add notes. The annotations will be synced to Slack as a reply thread automatically

5. How the reply thread looks like when the annotations are synced to Slack 

6. In the Kipwise article view, you can view all annotations as a summarized page by clicking the xx Annotations link at the bottom bar. 

B. How to search for saved images 

1. You can search for saved images directly in Slack using the command /kipwise search [keywords] using the keywords that are contained in the title.

2. You can also visit your Kipwise online dashboard and filter your saved images by keywords.

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