1. Real-time collaboration

The Kipwise online editor allows real-time collaboration so your team can edit the same wiki doc at the same time. 

2. Move to a different folder

3. Draft vs Published mode 

When you create a new page, it is in draft mode by default (so it will be only viewable by you). If you want to collaborate with other teammates on the draft, you can copy the link of your draft and share with them. 

As you type, everything will be autosaved.

Once you finished editing, simply change the status to published so the page will be accessible by other teammates who have access right to the top folder that this article belongs to.

4. Formatting options 

Simply highlight some text and the formatting toolbar will appear so you can format the text, add links, add bullet / numbered lists, etc.

5. Insert / embed items

Simply click the "+" sign at the beginning of each paragraph to insert image, file, Google Drive file, Table, Quote, etc.

6. Mention another Page 

Sometimes it can be useful to reference another Page inside Kipwise. 

To do this, simply type @ then followed by your search terms and you can insert the selected Page inline.

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