Managing teammates

Allow teammates under the same email domain to join automatically

Instead of  inviting teammates  one by one, you can also configure your settings so anyone in your Slack team with email addresses at specified domains can join your workspace automatically.  E.g. I am working at Kipwise and I can allow everyone using a @  email for their Slack account to join our Kipwise workspace automatically as long as they have the link to our Kipwise workspace.  To do this,  1. Click on the  more  button (the three dots) at the top right corner on the navigation menu  2. Select  Teammates  from the drop down menu 3. Under  Allowed email domains , enter the email domain that you would like to whitelist  4. Then you just need to share the URL of your Kipwise web portal or the link to any of you Kipwise Pages, and teammates with email addresses under these allowed email domains can join your Kipwise workspace automatically as  Member  (see  how to set user role ) without needing your approval. 

Last updated: 4 days ago

User roles: Admin vs. Member vs. Read-only

A. Role Definitions  Admin  Can access billing Can invite and manage teammates Can create, edit and remove content  Member  Can create, edit and remove content  Read-only Can view content only  B. How to update user role  1. Click on the more button (the three dots) at the top right corner on the navigation menu  2. Select Teammates from the drop down menu 3. Click on the dropdown menu next to the teammate that you'd like to update the role > select the role   * Please note that if you are an admin, you cannot change your own role and you have to ask other admins to edit your role. This is to avoid mistakes and losing admin access to your team. 

Last updated: 2 months ago