Kipwise helps you unlock the knowledge that is trapped in you and your colleague's brains - allowing you to onboard new people faster, do your job more effectively and reduce the number of questions and repeated mistakes in your team. 

To get started, give these things a try: 

A. Slack Integration

1. Search on Slack
Simply use the command /kipwise search [keywords]

2. Create a Kipwise Page
Use the slash command /kipwise create

3. Try our Q&A feature to ask a question
When you can't find what you're looking, you can create a question using the command /kipwise ask and assign it to your teammates. The Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically when your teammate answered.

4. Clip a message from Slack
Use the Slack Action Save to a Page by Kipwise 

B. Using Kipwise Real-Time Collaborative Web Editor 

  1. Simply type @ followed by search terms to mention another Kipwise Page 
  2.  Insert an image, embed a video or attach a file
  3.  Embed Google Drive files
    You can view and edit the content directly on Kipwise (given you have access right to the original Google Drive file)

C. Organizing Content

  1. Create a folder 
  2. Rearrange folders
  3. Move pages between folders

D. Manage Teammates

  1. Invite teammates

E. Try out Kipwise Bot 

Want Kipwise to detect and automatically save certain items (e.g. articles, images) for you? Invite the Kipwise bot to the channel(s) that you want us to monitor. Your team will also be able to collaborate on annotating the shared articles and images. 

Have any question or feedback? Use the message button at the bottom right corner to message us 🙂

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