A. What level of permissions can I set? 

Currently permissions can only be set at the top level folder. All subfolders will follow the permission settings of the top level folder. 

For each folder, you can select to share it with

(1) Everyone on your team
(2) Only yourself
(3) Selected teammates only 

B. Can I set someone as read-only? 

Currently, anyone who has access to the folder will have full access right to the folder, i.e. they can change the permission settings of the folder and edit any content inside the folder, except if you set their user role to "read-only" (but user role is on account level, so they will have read-only right for all folders that they have access to). 

It is on our roadmap to offer more levels of access rights on folder level (e.g. can edit, can comment only, can read only) instead of account level. So in the future, you can allow someone to edit a certain folder but only allowing them to view another folder (e.g. A marketing team member can edit the Marketing folder but can only view the Sales folder).

C. How to set folder permission 

  1. Click on the more button (the three dots button) on a top level folder 
  2. Select Edit permission
  3. Then choose the settings that you prefer

Folder permission indicators on Slack 

For folder selection when creating content directly on Slack, there will be an emoji in front of each folder to indicate the permission level: 

  • 🔒= only you 
  • 👥 = selected teammates only 
  • 🏬 = team accessible 

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