When a teammate asked a question and assigned it to you or a channel that you belong to, you will receive a notification on Slack with the below options:

  1. Create a new Page as the answer (either use the "Quick answer" button to create a new Page quickly via a Slack dialog or use the "Create new Page" button to use our web editor if you need rich text formatting) 
  2. Use an existing Kipwise Page as the answer
  3. Reassign the question

A. Using the Quick answer button 

If your answer is short and you don't need rich text formatting, you can use the Quick answer button to answer the question directly via a Slack dialog. 

This will essentially create a new Kipwise Page as the answer for the question. You can select which folder to put this Page into and modify the title if needed. 

B. Using the Create new Page button

If you click the "Create new Page" button, it will bring you to our web editor for you to create a new Page as the answer. 

The title text will be prefilled by the question. When you have done editing the content, click "Publish Page & notify requester".

C. Using the Use existing Page button

If you believe there is already an existing Kipwise Page that can answer the question, click the "Use existing Page" button. 

Then you will be able to search for the Page that you would like to use as the answer and add a remark (e.g. you can refer to point xx) if needed.

D. What will happen after you answered the question? 

After you submitted the answer, the person who created or reassigned the question to you will receive a Slack notification with your answer. 

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