A. What can the Confluence integration do?

1. Search for Confluence content via Kipwise and Slack directly

By enabling the Confluence integration, your teammates will be able to conduct one single search via Kipwise or Slack, and get relevant results in one place without searching around different places.

2. Embed Confluence Pages in Kipwise Pages

Easily embed a Confluence Page on a Kipwise Page so you can preview and edit the content directly on Kipwise.

Only the people who have access to the original Confluence Page can view/edit.

B. How to activate the integration

1. Login as an Admin to your Confluence account. The url is usually https://[YourOrganization].atlassian.net/wiki

2. Go to Settings in the left sidebar

3. Go to Find new apps in the left sidebar under "ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE"

4. Search for Kipwise and select it

5. Click the Install button

6. After installing, go to "Manage Apps

7. Click "Configure"

8. Input the Integration key that you can find on your Kipwise account Integration Page

You can then search via Slack or Kipwise and see results from Confluence!

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