Chrome Extension

Search via Kipwise anywhere using Chrome By installing the Kipwise Chrome extension, you can access your team knowledge easily without needing to leave the current view of your browser for increased efficiency. Search across all integrated sources If you have integrated Kipwise with other sources such as Google Drive and Confluence , you can search for information saved on these platforms with a single search via the Kipwise Chrome Extension. No more searching in multiple places just to find a piece of information. Link to install Chrome Extension A. Searching for information Simply type in your search terms in the search bar. B. Browsing the content by folders Simply click on the folder icon to view all folders on Kipwise. C. Create a Page or a Question Simply click on the + sign to create a new Page or ask a Question D. Access the Kipwise Web Portal To access the Kipwise web portal quickly, click on the dropdown menu next to your name and select Go to Kipwise App

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Google Drive Integration Overview

Connect your Google Drive to search and embed files directly on Kipwise A. What can the Google Drive integration do?  1. Search for Google Docs via Kipwise and Slack directly By connecting your Google Drive, you can conduct one single search on Kipwise or Slack, and get relevant results in one place without searching around different places. E.g. Below is a sample search result using the command /kipwise search [keywords]on Slack 2. Embed Google Docs in Kipwise Pages Easily  embed a Google Docs on a Kipwise Page  so you can preview and edit the content directly on Kipwise. Only the people who have access to the original Google Docs can view/edit. B. How to connect my Google Drive?  1. Your account admin need to activate the integration first by going to Integrations > Google Drive > click Activate 2. Then individual teammate would need to connect their own Google account so what they can see on Kipwise will follow their own access rights on Google Drive.  C. Related FAQs  1. Which documents my teammates will see in the search results? Every teammate is required to connect their own Google account. They can only see the documents that they are allowed to view on Google Drive. 2. What will my teammates see if I embed a Google Docs document which they don't have access to? They will not be able to read it. The embedded block will be an error page to them. Everyone can only view the documents that they have permissions to access.

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