Discussed something important on Slack and want to save it to Kipwise? You can turn a Slack message to a Kipwise Page with just a few clicks.

For example, your marketing intern asked a question "What is our brand colors" and your designer replied. You can easily clip your designer's reply by using Slack actions. 

To do this, 

1. Hover over the Slack message you want to save > click on More actions ( the "..." at the upper right corner)

2. Select the Slack actions Save to a Page by Kipwise

* If you cannot see this option the first time after you installed Kipwise, try refreshing your Slack workspace by pressing Command + R (for Mac) or CTRL + R (for PC)

3. A dialogue will appear with the Content pre-filled with the Slack message. Enter a Title , select a Folder and click Save.

4. The content will be saved to a Kipwise Page (you can see an paperclip emoji added to your Slack message as an indication) 

5. To view or further edit that page, click the View/edit page button in the reply that Kipwise automatically adds to the message

6. In the future, you can retrieve the content either by searching on your Kipwise online dashboard or searching directly in Slack using the command /kipwise search [keyword]

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