Someone asked a question on Slack and there are relevant content on Kipwise? You can answer the question quickly using Kipwise Slack action. 

This way, your teammates will be reminded of the existing of Kipwise (so hopefully they will remember to search before they ask next time). 

See how it works in action: 

1. Someone ask a question on Slack 

2. Click on the More actions button for that Slack message, and select Answer with Page by Kipwise

3. Kipwise will then search automatically by the question text, if the search result contains the content that you want to use as the answer, simply click "Answer with this Page" to use that as the answer, if not, you can refine the search result by clicking "Search

4. After selecting the Page as the answer, our bot will ask you if you want to add any remarks 

5. After you submitted the answer, our bot will add the answer as a reply to the original Slack message that the question was asked so the questioner will get a notification.

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